Posted by on Февраль 5, 2015

According to preliminary data, Apple Inc. has started preparations to launch its own search platform.
Apple Search
At the moment the Corporation is looking for a head of engineering project called Apple Search. The corresponding vacancy was posted on the Apple website.
The announcement notes that the company requires a Manager who will lead a project related to Internet search platform, which will be hundreds of millions of people.
In addition, Apple has posted several vacancies for the position of developer search service. However, official statements on the matter from the American Corporation has not so far received.
Analysts believe that the indirect confirmation that Apple is indeed working on their search engine, and can serve as the fact that in 2015 will expire the contract between Apple and Google.
Recall that in the framework of this agreement, searches in Safari caters to the Google search engine.
Apple Search
Previously, Apple was granted a patent on the technology of legal file sharing in P2P networks. The patent describes a system in which people freely exchange files. To download this file you must first obtain a license in the marketplace.